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20 May: International Williams Syndrome Day
Join us !

Three years ago, we launched a major communication campaign on our social networks for the European Williams and Beuren Syndrome Day.

This year, we want to make the 20 May the INTERNATIONAL Williams and Beuren Syndrome Day. For this big and exciting challenge, we need your help. Join us and together let’s shine a light on Williams and Beuren syndrome.

How to get involved in the International Williams Syndrome Day on 20 May 2021 ?

1. Have fun and make soap bubbles with your children, your family, your friends
2. Take pictures of these playful moments
3. Share them on your association Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages or on your personal accounts with the hashtag #WilliamsSyndromeDay
4. And invite your friends to join us

Why soap bubbles ?

These bubbles symbolise the few genes that have disappeared from chromosome 7. A poetic and positive way to explain the rarity of Williams and Beuren syndrome.

By globalising this date, our aim is to increase the number of people aware of Williams syndrome. The more people who are aware of this syndrome, the easier it will be for children with the syndrome to integrate into our society. Together we can make it happen.

Downloadable tools :
 Communication materials
– Bubbles recipe